🚗Roadmap & Completed Milestones

Q3 2022 PWRUP Vision Definition ✔ī¸

Core Partnerships Established (Stardust, Polygon) ✔ī¸

Project Planning & Team Kick-offs ✔ī¸

Central Loyalty Point API ✔ī¸

NFT Passport Visual and Game Design ✔ī¸

Litepaper v1.0 ✔ī¸

Whitepaper v1.0 ✔ī¸

Discord and Socials Launched ✔ī¸

Q4 2022

NFT Passport Launch

Website and Community Launch

Q1 2023

$PWR Token Launches

Web3 Game Support: Sneaker Craft

TP Web3 Gaming Protocols and Tools

Marketplace Launch

Q2 2023

Marketplace 2.0

Continued expansion to onboard more games

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