PWRUP Whitepaper v1, updated October 2022

A New Standard For A True Play And Earn Experience

In this paper, we introduce PWRUP, an NFT platform that unlocks a cross-game meta-economy within the Tilting Point game ecosystem. Players compete to complete quests across a variety of Tilting Points games, earning $PWR tokens. Tilting Point is an established Web2 gaming publisher serving hundreds of game developers and millions of players. We believe this new internet generation called Web3 and its ethos of community first, token-based economics, and rewarding people for their actual contributions help increase value capture in the gaming industry for both developers and players. At Tilting Point, our first move into Web3 will be helping our developer partners bridge into Web3 through building solutions that help with reducing friction in payment solutions, wallet creation, user authentication, and focusing on creating real utility for players.


There are 7.9 billion people in the world. Three billion gamers collectively spend over $200 billion yearly on in-app purchases*. By 2025, blockchain gaming is estimated to grow to $50B*, a growth rate of 10x that of traditional gaming. The next generation of gaming platforms is putting the power in the hands of the players instead of confining them to one central authority. This inspired Vitalik Buterin to create a decentralized, open-source blockchain and why Web3 gaming is the best emerging opportunity to drive future growth for Tilting Point, our developer partners, and our players.

Our first offering is built around creating the infrastructure to bridge our large and varied Web2 Free To Play (F2P) audiences into Web3 Play & Earn participants. Our games are extremely fun. However, the paradigm of current web3 games and infrastructure are not fun. We are committed to building a platform to encourage fun and enable millions of players to enter and enjoy web3. Ultimately, web3 enhances ownership and transferability of assets. We are bridging the gap to keep games fun while fostering an ecosystem of ownership and transferability of assets

Our mission is to enable our game development partners to easily access growing Web3 ecosystems and focus on building fun, innovative game designs that fit best inside this new paradigm. The current challenge in the Web3 gaming landscape is those utility motivations are myopically focused on return on investment, which forces economy designs with no long-term sustainability. Our solutions for developers help build a real game utility that motivates players and reduces friction in payments, wallets, and authentication.

Project PWRUP is building sustainable in-house expertise and Web3 infrastructure to allow our smart and capable game studios time to focus on Web3 game designs that cement the future.

We do this by building and piecing together the infrastructure needed:

  • NFT marketplace built first for mobile Free To Play (F2P&E) games

  • Our $PWR utility token that acts as the ecosystem currency for trading value and assets across our multiple titles and allows us to share the value created from players efforts with directly to the player

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution to enable users to register and connect their F2P game accounts with our marketplace and instantly create a wallet

  • Wallet solution that is seamless, easy to onboard for our F2P players who have never experienced Web3

  • Presale infrastructure; Discord community building; Web3 specific social marketing strategies; frictionless payments

To help us do this, we’ve partnered with Polygon and Stardust to navigate the ever-rapidly changing Web3 technology space, and we are constantly on the lookout for new partners and solutions to help us deliver this vision faster.

We are launching our ecosystem with an exclusive NFT Passport that unlocks meaningful in-game utility in our F2P Web2 player’s favorite Tilting Point games. Our NFT passport play jumpstarts our F2P audience to serve as the lifetime value (LTV) growth engine behind building value that attracts Web3 gaming enthusiasts and enables us to capitalize on an entirely new audience.

Game Utility Pitch

Anyone who has spent time in the nascent gaming Web3 space and the broader blockchain space knows the question always:

What is the utility backing this project?

In the context of games, it fundamentally boils down to whether this game is fun or is just an ROI machine where you find the best ROI, earn as much as you can and sell before it all comes crashing down. Games are hard to make and take time. Integrating a new innovative technology adds development time. At Tilting Point, we want to utilize the ready-made fun games built today for Web2 audiences and transition these players into Play & Earn, where the motivations for play and effort are rewarded, persistent, and a core motivational factor in their enjoyment.

Tilting Point has the fun games already built. We have the game design talent in-house and across our assorted talented game development studio partners. We have millions of players who enjoy our games because they’re built to be fun as our highest priority. We align them with Web3 by building all the connectivity and the tech stack that leverages our players to convert into Web3 Play & Earn (P&E) players motivated to earn the incredible game utility benefits we’ve attached to our NFT Passports.

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