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A developer DAO where our current and future game studio partners can participate in to help propose and decide what we build next for the F2P&E developer community. This shared ownership structure is based on an industry-unique community divide and split of the enterprise value of Tilting Point as a publisher, helping drive developer retention and enabling them to create highly-engaged gaming dApps that are fun and valuable long-term to the player.

$TILT Tokenomics

The PowerDAO is built on $TILT, an ERC-20 utility token with ERC20Votes enabled.

Holding $TILT will allow developers and investors:

  • Access to TP amplifiers, capital, marketing & growth, partnerships

  • Community participation with other like-minded developers and investors

  • Reaping benefits from an increase in enterprise value of Tilting Point

  • Benefits and voting power in the PowerDAO.

    • The governance token will be launched after $PWR as an ERC-20 token and will be for sale on decentralized exchanges. Participants in the $PWR presale will be airdropped some amount of the governance token as a reward for early adopters.


Our NFT reputation score for measuring allocation of the $TILT governance token. In our current business model, we have varying levels of service. The varying service levels can be short-term IO, fee deals, revenue shares, co-development, etc. We internally prioritize games within each service level based on growth potential and performance data.

If a developer/game has strong unit economics coupled with stellar growth potential, we go all-in on our willingness to serve this game. If the performance is lackluster, we quickly de-prioritize growth work. These service levels synthesize down to developer/game reputation to deliver increased enterprise value. Based on game performance, growth potential, and TP amplifiers, we can grant a developer an NFT reputation score. This NFT dictates the earning potential for participating in the DAO and being allocated $TILT ties directly with increasing in Tilting Point enterprise value.

We have been thinking about things in terms of Play2Earn. What about Dev2Earn? D2E is a way to incentivize developers for the greater good. A high reputation increases your shared pool of the Tilting Point enterprise value, whereas a low reputation score decreases your shared pool.


We are interested in soul-bound tokens as described by Vitalik Buterin as a means to create an on-chain gamer reputational score that enables us to combat bad actors across all our games especially when it comes to botting and hacking.

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